Cheonsuin, the world’s red ginseng brand

Through varied research and product development,
we have achieved USD 1.5 million in exports.
In the future, we will work to expand
our export markets to include regions such as
Southeast Asia and Russia and
establish ourselves as the world’s red ginseng brand.

The superiority of Jecheon red ginseng

Jecheon is located in a mountainous area with four distinct seasons.
Its elevation and location in a basin give it
a large temperature difference between day
and night, while its limestone and sandy soil provide it with good drainage.
It is known as an ideal location for cultivating medicinal herbs and ginseng
with firm flesh and superior medicinal qualities.

The competitiveness of Jecheon wild peaches

The quality of wild peaches, which have become known through the Jecheon
Dohwari Wild Peach Festival held every year!
The Jecheon area has a large temperature difference between day
and night and lies at the foot of Mount Geumsusan,
which is made of bedrock. The wild peaches which grow there are
100% natural products, with no use of pesticides.
Because of the area’s mountainous location,
fruit grown there is fresh and firm, and because
it is harvested in the ideal growing area
it has superior quality. The shape and size of every fruit is different,
but we carefully select only high-quality wild peaches filled
with vitality which grow in the mountains.



It contains the meaning
that Cheonsu-in wishes you good health until
the day your destiny ends.